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One to One photography tuition

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One to One photography tuition

Personalised photography training from a professional commercial photographer based in Manchester

Bought a Dslr and getting frustrated with getting to grips with all the controls?

Images not look the way you imagine them?

Don’t know where to start using
photoshop etc?

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 16 years but clearly remember the frustration of my images not meeting expectations. Its a very common feeling for those new to photography and often results in a sharp drop in enthusiasm. Usually the cause is a lack of understanding of how cameras operate and how they interpret the scene you want to capture.

In 1 half day tuition session I can teach you more than you would learn in months of reading/practicing. Following the session clients are keen to use their new found skills with renewed energy.

All sessions are conducted on locations and can include camera instruction/technique, editing skills in photoshop/lightroom but mainly we will be taking images. Follow on sessions canbe booked to focus on individual skill areas.

Half day sessions £120
2 hour sessions £60